Tuesday, July 8, 2014



Um, does people still blog and read other's blog nowadays?

If the answer is yes, well I'm glad. But if the answer is no, I'm just posting this to let things out.

Here's the thing. EXPECTATIONS.
I don't get it why people expect too much in both career and personal life. I'm tired. I really am. But I didn't say I'll give up. I'm just saying that I am tired. Fatigue. Being a person my age, 19 to be exact, is the moment where we have to choose our path. To go here where it is our comfort zone, or there, which is way out of our league but somehow nothing is impossible.

Parents started to say "Go take this, study for 3 years and you'll fly." Next thing you know, you ended up with an internship at one of your parent's friend's company. "Now I have to keep my and my parent's image clean." So add on another expectation on your internship.
"My daughter is doing this at this University" - says the mother to other mothers. Great. Now I have to behave and study for the sake of that sentences. And if I don't...(you readers will know what might happen right?)

Friends. "I'm going to study here, and if I excel, well,  UK here I come! What about you? Local university is it?" Sigh. Why? Is there something wrong with local university? Can't I excel, graduate and get good job too? Seriously? "I'm stressed out! This is harder than your course  okay?" Okay, fine. I know I don't even applied for that place, but hey, lock this in mind. God will never give things that you can't handle. Pull your shit up and face it lah bro! Lepastu graduation kau, kau expect semua member kau datang jugak kan after all the shit you threw?

Love. I always imagine that 2 people in one relationship, compromise well, laugh together, cry together. But expectations are actually the word people in relationship are cling into. I will expect him to come. He will expect me to chill. I will expect him to kiss. He expect me to understand that he is around his friends. EXPECT EXPECT AND EXPECT! And when things doesn't go as expected? Berkecailah hatiku, pasang lagu sedih. Duuuuumak ada masa pulak nak rasa semua benda tu? Yg atas ni? Mom's expectation, dad's expectation, friends' expectation, kau nak campak ke laut macam tu je?

I'm not saying that expectation is a bad thing. God no.  A little bit of expectation can push yourself further in this life. Especially, in this technology era. People want things fast. But a lil' too much of expectations, can cause high blood pressure at young age I tell ya! Like I said. I am tired. But I didn't say I'm giving up. I just need a break. Just a thought.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weird Me

1. I love chocolates.
2. When I eat, I stop being sad for awhile.
3. Sometimes I dance randomly.
4. Love is beautiful but somehow bullshit.
5. I can easily forgive people when they offer good food.
6. I relate my life with music which sometimes can be really annoying.
7. I don't know what I want in life. 
8. I'm lost.

Monday, November 18, 2013


So I guess I wasn't wasting my holiday huh? Yup, worked for Doraemon event the other day and it was fun!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013


"PSPM is just.."
"Okay let's die together."